Sensitive Eyes??

Specialists and Professionals across the country have been contacting Lash Out Loud about their Client's sudden sensitivity to individual eyelash extensions this Spring. Many people are suffering due to record-breaking allergies! The harsh, long winter with unusually warm spring weather has trees and other plants blooming much earlier than normal, which could mean a long and intense allergy season. All of the U.S. Allergy index's are extremely high, which means itchy, watery, sensitive eyes for our Clients. A couple of simple tricks can save your Client from being uncomfortable:

  • If your Client is suffering from allergy symptoms, suggest one dose of Benedryl before their appointment.
  • If other-the-counter medication isn't enough, many Client's have found the prescription, Desoximetas, to help with any type of allergy.
  • For Client's with dry eyes suggest using Visine or scheduling the appointment late in the day to help with fatigue.

Remind your Client's that this discomfort is temporary and should only last a few more weeks! A few simple steps can help them through this terrible allergy season!

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