About Us

Transform Your Future with TYFNI Beauty – the company that has set the industry standard since 2007.

Our educational classes, products and customer service define excellence in the beauty industry.

TYFNI Beauty courses are the most comprehensive, offering many paths and opportunities for success.



You can customize a path that suits you, with continued support and encouragement at your fingertips.

TYFNI products are simply THE BEST! We diligently search and test products to ensure everything we sell meets the TYFNI Standard.


Our innovative new products express our commitment to distinction.


To empower and be empowered; to promote success and be successful.  To motivate and inspire others professionally and personally.  To create a company that is an environment of collaboration instead of competition for success minded people to “Transform Your Future”.


The TYFNI TEAM is passionate about success; yours and ours. Your success is our success.

We want our customers to flourish in Lashes, Careers and Life. 


TYFNI Beauty specialists are an elite group of artists; the BEST in the business, trained by the Best in the business!