What Eyelash Extension Class is the Best?

The answer is short and easy, TYFNi Beauty has the best eyelash extension class available!

TYFNi Beauty Eyelash Extension Instructors are proven professionals in their art.  They know the ins and outs of the business, trade tricks and tips and will gladly share their knowledge and expertise with YOU.  TYFNi Beauty Educators are not independent "sub-contractors" with TYFNi – they are TYFNi employees, creating and maintaining the TYFNi Standard of Excellence in Eyelash Extensions with every class.

The TYFNi Lash Class teaches both classic and volume techniques in one class.  This not only saves you a ton of money, but lets you decide early on in your lash career if you have a preference and allows you to offer classic, hybrid and volume sets.  You can practice and become proficient in both, instead of excluding yourself from volume clients for the first year. Start the right way - a well rounded, fully educated lash artist.

You will work on your own personal model under the direct supervision of the instructor.  Get all of those “first” nerves out of the way during class – all of your questions answered in person, putting your education to practical use, creating memory paths in your brain.  So many competitor’s only work on mannequins for their class, leaving students scared and unsure, not prepared to work on people.

Training Glue? Are we afraid you will eat it?  No training glue, no sub-standard products.  All of our product kits include premium, eyelash extension products, professional grade, the same products you will use on your clients.  TYFNi’s Eyelash Extension Product Kits provide you with the best products available. Our lashes maintain their curl throughout wear, a good indicator of quality. Glue is guaranteed fresh, not aging out on the shelf to expiration.

Learn the keys to good retention, what products and steps can help with retention. Learn mapping - how to create any requested look for a client. Learn what questions to ask during the client consultation and get all of the necessary release forms you will need for clients. 

Certification as a TYFNI Eyelash Extension Artist is included with each class. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the 1-day workshop. Actual certification is a process that requires meeting the TYFNI Standard of Excellence that includes applying a set of beautiful extensions that is within the Standard's Guidelines. Certification as a TYFNI Lash Artist makes you part of Team TYFNI and exclusive sales and unique opportunities.

The TYFNI Eyelash Extension Class is the most informative, comprehensive class around. Students are well equipped, with both product and knowledge to start their lashing careers. What are you waiting for? Become a part of Team TYFNI today!

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phone: 877-550-LASH (5274)

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