Transform Your Future by completing the TYFNI Beauty Eyelash Extension Class. We have been educating future lash artists since 2007, TYFNI classes are tested, trusted, proven. TYFNI classes are the BEST!

Our 1-day workshop teaches you everything needed to move forward creating beautiful lash extensions and increase your income. You will learn both classic and volume technique in one class. Each product kit contains premium, professional product, no training glue or sub-standard training products. TYFNI educators are proven professionals in their art, the best in the business.  Certification as a TYFNI Beauty Lash Artist is included with each class.(must meet requirements)

Start the right way

                          • learn classic and volume at the same time
                          • use premium, professional grade product from the start
                          • learn from the best lash artists in the business. Train with TYFNI!


1. SIGN UP -  Register online, email randi@TYFNI.com or call 435-830-5827.

2. CHOOSE A KIT - Each kit contains premium, professional grade product, the same products you will be using on clients. Using quality product is essential for a beautiful set of extensions. Three kit options: Lash Addicted, Professional and Career.

3. ARRIVE AT YOUR CLASS ready to learn, work hard and have a little fun. Lunch is provided and a model is required for the last part of each class. Kits are delivered at the class.  

TYFNI Beauty is the premier lash educator for many cosmetology and esthetic schools across the US. We supply schools with curriculum, supplies and sometimes provide the lash education for them. Train with the professionals, the company that educates the educators. 
Eyelash Application is a true art that requires instruction, quality products and practice. A proper full set of extensions must be indistinguishable from natural lashes, even up close. Our course is the first step to creating flawless sets of eyelash extensions and boosting your income.
Fee Per Procedure 5 Procedures Per Week 10 Procedures Per Week 15 Procedures Per Week
 $49 $245